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Useful information regarding unemployment claims filed during the COVID19 pandemic



All determinations of eligibility are made by the Virginia Employment Commission, not Virginia Tech.

Every determination made on a claim comes with appeal rights. If claimants receive a determination they do not agree with, filing an appeal is the only option. Anyone who receives a determination stating they are not eligible for benefits and will be required to repay any benefits received has the right to appeal. If you choose to do so, follow the instructions for appeal included on your determination. The appeal must be made by the deadline listed. There is also a second level of appeals available to claimants.

Virginia Tech employees are starting to receive determination notices from the Virginia Employment Commission for claims filed in the year 2020. The VEC is still extremely busy and we are still receiving requests for information on claims filed in 2020, so this is why you may be just now receiving these determinations. Any questions about these determinations should be directed to the VEC. The VEC Customer Service Number is 1-866-832-2363.

Regarding eligibility being denied for the period of May through July/August of 2020: Although we report the reason for separation as Lack of Work due to COVID19 affecting operations on campus and not due to a break in semesters, the determination by the VEC is made according to this state code. Questions should be directed to the VEC.


As the employer, Virginia Tech also has appeal rights on determinations. Once a determination is received in the payroll office, we will email a copy to the employing department. If you choose to do so, follow the instructions for appeal included on the determination. The appeal must be made by the deadline listed. If a hearing is scheduled and the Payroll office is notified, the information will be forwarded to the department. The department must follow the instructions on the appeal packet to participate. Once a determination from the appeal is received, this will be forwarded to the department.

Filing an Unemployment Claim and The American Rescue Plan and the Unemployment Insurance Program

Basic Steps to Qualify for State Unemployment Benefits per the VEC

  • Claimants must file for unemployment benefits online or with the call center
  • Claimants must meet the monetary qualification requirement
  • Claimants must meet the separation qualification requirement
  • Claimants must meet the weekly eligibility requirement

Visit the VEC for the most recent updates relating to filing for unemployment benefits during the pandemic and for information on The American Rescue Plan and the Unemployment Insurance Program.

Filing Taxes

If you received unemployment benefits in 2020, you can review the IRS Statement - American Rescue Plan Act of 2021. Virginia Tech cannot answer questions relating to this article; please contact the VEC or a certified tax accountant.

Fraud and Identity Theft

Fraudulent claims have become more commonplace over the last year; we notify the employee as soon as we receive notice of the claim. If you have received a notice from the VEC that you have filed for unemployment and you have not made a claim for unemployment benefits, please report the fraud using the VEC Reporting Unemployment Insurance Fraud page. The VT payroll department will also file a report of a fraudulent claim but it would be in your best interest to monitor your credit to ensure you do not see any other fraudulent activity.

Reports of overpayment, fraud or identity theft may also be reported by faxing or mailing information to:
The Virginia Employment Commission
Attention: Benefit Payment Control
Post Office Box 27887
Richmond, VA 23261-7887
Fax: 804-692-0580

If you suspect you have been a victim of identity theft, please review the steps to take from the Office of the Attorney General.

For more information or if you have questions related to Payroll Office visit our Contact Information.