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The tutorials include numerous demonstrations and exercises with feedback that provide you the opportunity to simulate using the system. There is a Table of Contents on the left listing the various topics. You can jump to any topic listed or simply let the training run in sequence. The playback controls at the top allow you to pause or navigate forward or backward, if needed. If at any time you need to break from the tutorial it will resume where you left off.

Note: we recommend that Dept Admins/Leads review every tutorial.

Wage pay periods run the 1st through the 15th and the 16th through the end of the month. Time entry begins in Banner on the first business day following the end of each pay period. There can be one or two days allowed for time entry depending on the schedule set by Payroll.

On each day of time entry, Payroll runs a process to interface approved hours from TCP to Banner. On the first day, the process is run at 2:00 PM, and on the second day, it takes place at 11 AM. If there is only one day of time entry, the process is run at noon. Department leads are notified when the interface is complete, and are expected to begin reconciling the hours in Banner with TCP. For information on discrepancies, refer to the problems with hours not interfacing to Banner FAQ.

For instructions how to do something in TCP, please refer to the TCP Reference Guide.

All TCP issues should be emailed to Department employees and supervisors should consult with the department admin/lead first. If additional resolution is needed, the question should be emailed to

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