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Banner Finance Querying for Accounts Payable
The Banner Finance Accounts Payable Query class instructs the user to use Banner Finance Accounts Payable Query forms to retrieve information related to payment processing and check schedules.(Instructor Led Training)
HokieMart Receiver Training
Training for the HokieMart Receiver User who verifies receipt of goods/services.
HokieMart Receiver User Guide Training
Provides an Overview of the HokieMart Receiver User Guide. This training will outline the receiving process as well as the various types of receipts. (Online Training)
P-Card Training 12/6/2019
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Banner Fixed Assets Training 
This class will provide review of the new Fixed Assets policies, how to update certain information for assets, run reports, and perform basic queries. (Instructor Led Training)
Department Head Training 
This video provides training for new department heads and is a good reminder for all employees how to maintain your fixed assets.
FFIMAST – Fixed Asset Master Query 
The Fixed Asset Master Query form is used to query asset records.
FFIPROC – Fixed Asset Procurement Query 
The Fixed Asset Procurement Query Form provides information about purchase orders and invoices for fixed assets.
FOIDOCH – Document History 
The Document History Form (FOIDOCH) provides information about purchase orders, invoices, and equipment.
FZRFIMS – Missing Report 
The Missing Report is a listing of assets still needing to be scanned during a departmental inventory.
FZRFORG – Org Report 
The Org Report is a listing of fixed assets for a department.
FZRFSAR - Single Asset Report 
The Single Asset Report is used to query asset records for a single asset.
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Activity Class/Activity Codes
The activity class/code training discusses how activity codes are used, how to establish new classes and codes as well as how to maintain existing records. (Online Training)
Department Reconciliations  
The Department Reconciliation training provides an overview of procedures to reconcile funds and the departments responsibility for reconciliation and documentation. (Online Training)
An introduction to the Banner form used by Internal Vendors to recover Hokiemart POs. (Online Training)
General Accounting Module 1: Banner FOAPAL elements
This module discusses Banner Finance terminology and definitions and explores the Banner hierarchy. (Online Training)
General Accounting Module 2: Banner Finance Forms
This module looks at common forms in Banner Finance and performing queries within these forms. (Online Training)
General Accounting Module 3: Understanding your Fund Balances and NSF Checking
This module reviews the Banner hierarchies for fund and organization and discusses querying Banner Finance forms for fund balance information in relation to the non-sufficient funds checking process. (Online Training)
General Accounting Module 4: Local and Agency Funds Management
This module looks at local and agency funds and managment of cash balance funds. (Online Training)
General Accounting Module 5: Sponsored Program Funds and Inception to Date Forms
This module explores inception to date (ITD) funds and performing queries on inception to date forms. (Online Training)
HokieMart Access Tutorial
This training covers how to fill out the HokieMart access form, the roles & associated rules.
HokieMart Access Forms
Journal Entry Transfer Form Tutorial
This presentation covers how to fill out the journal transfer form, the approvals needed, and the required documentation. The presentation also includes information on allowable and unallowable journal transfers.
Journal Entry Transfer Form
Departmental Encumbrance Training
This training explains when creating a manual encumbrance in Banner may be useful, and walks through the process of doing so step by step using Banner form FGAENCB.
MicroStrategy Finance Web Reporting
This audio-visual tutorial provides an overview of MicroStrategy and how to use the new Finance “web reports”. It includes a detailed demonstration of various MicroStrategy reporting features including how to filter the report documents, print the documents, view the source data and export to Excel, use hyperlinks to view supporting information, save your results to your history list, and create subscriptions to run and distribute the reports automatically.
MicroStrategy for Finance Analysts - Reporting Basics 
This presentation reviews how to navigate the MicroStrategy web interface and run shared reports, create reports using the Finance data warehouse, and intuitively interact with your results using standard online analytical features like pivoting and paging. Refer to our MicroStrategy Finance webpage for more information.
MicroStrategy for Finance Analysts - Beyond the Basics: Part I 
This presentation includes instructions and exercises on how to filter data, define attribute elements, and create metrics on the fly; how to create your own metrics, filters, and prompts for use in multiple reports; how to format data based on different conditions; and how to run, edit and format predefined MicroStrategy reports in Excel. Supplemental exercises with how to instructions are available here.
MicroStrategy for Finance Analysts - Beyond the Basics: Part II 
This presentation includes instructions and exercises on how to import data from external sources, create dashboards to view data using a variety of visualizations, create high quality, print ready documents that can display data from multiple reports at the same time, along with images, text, hyperlinks, headers, footers, etc., and to automatically execute reports and documents at scheduled times.

Finance Account Codes

This course will provide information about Account Codes and their purpose at Virginia Tech. In this training, we will review information related to the chart of accounts and explore how to identify expense account codes to put expenditures on the correct approval path.

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International Tax Module 1: Tax Return Filing
Module 1 pdf: Do I Need a Tax Return?
International Tax Module 2: Tax Status & Exemption
International Tax Module 3: Three Kinds of U.S. Taxes & U.S. Tax Treaty
Module 3 pdf: 2020 Tax Treaty Countries
Module 3 pdf: Visa Types & FICA taxes
International Tax Module 4: Tax Statements
International Tax Module 5: Accessing Forms through HokieSpa
International Tax Module 6: Federal Tax Return
Module 6 pdf: Common 2020 Federal Tax Return Forms
International Tax Module 7: Virginia State Tax Return
Module 7 pdf: Common 2020 Virginia State Tax Return Forms
International Tax Module 8: Reminders
International Tax Module 8 pdf: Reminders
International Tax Summary Guide pdf
International Tax Resources pdf
FAQ’s pdf 2/19/2021
2019 Foreign National Tax Seminar
Provides information about Foreign National Tax and how to get a tax return. NOTE: There was a problem with the recording and we are investigating what happened
Labor Redistributions – Approver Role
Provides an overview of the Banner Labor Redistribution system including how to approve labor redistributions with an approver role. (Online Training)
Labor Redistributions - Initiator Role
Provides an overview of the Banner Labor Redistribution system and how to create a labor redistribution for the initiator role. (Online Training)
Employing Foreign Nationals at Virginia Tech 
This online video will provide a brief background of immigration regulations as a prelude to covering the types of international visas and who is eligible to be hired. (Online Training)
Foreign National Non-Employee Payments 
The class will provide an introduction into visa eligibility for guest speakers, criteria for making honoraria payments, travel reimbursement, prizes/awards, tangible goods and intangible (royalty) goods. (Instructor Led Training)
Online I-9 System 
Outlines using the Online I-9 system to electronically complete the form I-9 to ensure employment eligibility. This system is only available to those with established access. (Online Training)
Maintained by Human Resources
Payroll Tax Forms Tutorial 
Provides an overview to assist US tax residents with understanding how to correctly complete the W-4 (Employee's Withholding Allowance Certificate for Federal Taxes) and the VA-4 (Employees Virginia Income Tax Withholding Exemption Certificate) (Online Training)
Understanding Taxes in the US
Provides information for foreign nationals new to receiving income in the US and the taxes that are withheld. Reviews both Federal and Virginia State taxes and tax residency and provides information about Tax Statements, Federal and Virginia State tax returns and tax return filing deadlines. Reviews taxable scholarship, fellowship and travel grants.
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Banner Travel and Expense Management, Part I: Traveler Basics 
Provides an overview of the Banner TEM application for travelers and delegates, including preparation of travel authorizations and travel reimbursements. (Online Training)
Banner Travel and Expense Management, Part II: Approver Guide 
Provides a quick guide for authorized approvers to review and approve travel requests processed in the TEM system. (Online Training)
Banner Travel and Expense Management, Part III: Moving and Relocation Guide 
Provides a quick guide for processing moving and relocation requests in the TEM system. (Online Training)
Banner Travel and Expense Management, Part IV: VTF Split Funding Guide 
Provides a quick guide for VTF Split Funding in the TEM system. (Online Training)
Travel Procedures 
The Travel Procedures program acquaints the participants with university travel proceedures. (Instructor Led Training)
Chrome River Training 12/6/2019