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Welcome to Chrome River!

We have completed the roll out of the travel system and the P-Card reconciliation process to the university community. We will be utilizing the Message of the Day (main page) in Chrome River and this website to keep users updated with information regarding the system.

  • Liquidation of travel encumbrances will begin using a new code (TL) to represent the release of encumbrances in Banner. When reviewing your Transaction Detail Reports from Microstrategy, you will now see the travel encumbrance represented as (TA), the expense report as (TR) and the liquidation of the encumbrance as (TL)
  • Group (organization approvers) email notification for expense reports.
  • Ability to use multiple activity codes
  • Travel Advances
  • Chrome River has more compliance rules that are built into the system on the front end which will reduce returned expense reports.  For example:
    • Lodging justification is required
    • Chrome River will prompt the user that a receipt is required and hasn’t been attached
    • Chrome River will prompt the user if the per diem rates for lodging or food are exceeded
    • Chrome River has more advanced reporting and analytic capabilities.
    • Ability to email receipt to the users profile.
    • Modern user-interface
    • Mobile platform which allows the same user experience across all devices
    • Google Maps which will allow accurate mileage reimbursement to the traveler
    • Account Code logic built in behind the expenses 

If you already have a travel authorization (TA) in the TEM system at the time you transition to Chrome River, you will create the related expense report (TR) in the TEM system.  If you need to create a new TA or TR that does not have an associated TA, those transactions would be created in Chrome River.

Non-Employees/Non-Virginia Tech Students and Virginia Tech Students cannot access Chrome River as only Virginia Tech Employees have profiles/dashboards within Chrome River.

  • Employee: All employees (with the exception of student employees) can login to Chrome River to process their own pre-approval and/or travel reimbursement. All employees may also have an assigned delegate process their pre-approval and/or travel reimbursements on the traveler’s profile/dashboard.
  • VT Student Reimbursements: While student information exists in Chrome River, students do not have profiles/dashboards or access to complete their own travel reimbursements in Chrome River. An employee must complete the pre-approval and/or travel reimbursement on their behalf.
  • Non-Employee/Non-Virginia Tech Student: These individuals are not affiliated with Virginia Tech but are guests of the university which includes speakers, interview candidates, etc. Departments can submit request to create a new vendor for these types of situations on the Controller’s Office website. Link will be coming soon!

Training will be offered face-to-face and via Zoom. You can register for these sessions by going to and searching for Chrome River.

Travel Helpline at 540-231-0944 or email