NOTE: Internet Explorer allows you to complete and submit the form online; For Chrome, it is best to download the form to complete and submit; Firefox does NOT support Adobe Forms. All forms and templates are PDF unless noted otherwise.

Form Name Description Last Updated
Food Approval Form Use to submit food approval request. See Procedure 20310g – Food Approval Request System for form instructions. Also see training listed under Training, Opportunities, Accounts Payable Tab - Food Approval Form Requestor Training. 02/22/23
Batch Interface Template (.xlt) Use when setting up large batch files to be paid by the Controller's office. Instructions and guidelines. 10/2/17
DOPP/Revenue Refunds Use when making payments to a vendor or when issuing a revenue refund. 05/23/22

Employee Independent Contractor Form

For instructions on proper use of the form, see the Factors for Proper Classification of Workers. 11/12/10
W-9 Certification of Taxpayer ID Number Vendor certification of taxpayer identification number. See completion procedures for W-9. 04/23/24
W-8/W9 Drop Box Use to upload W9's, W8's, and other tax documents associated with W-8/W9 form. 04/06/20
Departmental Parking Payment Certification Form Use to attach to a HokieMart Internal Service Request (ISR) for any parking related services.   11/06/23
Sponsorship Approval Form Use to attach to a HokieMart Purchase Order or Requisition for when a department is seeking to pay a sponsorship that will benefit and promote the university's missions.  04/05/22
Human Subject Confidentiality Certification Form Department must complete form when a participant needs to remain confidential for a human subject participant payment.  05/25/22
Promotional Items Approval Form Use to submit promotional items purchase request. 02/22/24
Form Name Description Last Updated
Financial Activity Report Template Financial Activity Report for Year Ending June 30, 2023 10/10/23
Request Space Survey Changes Request for Space/Room changes. 02/23/17
Form Name Description Last Updated
New Center Form A form addressing all the needs for the creation of an already approved departmental, university, or college center. 11/02/10
Form Name Description Last Updated
Request to Transfer/Sale Equipment to Domestic Institution Policy 3951 Transfer/Sale of Equipment between Domestic Institutions. 10/21/19

Equipment Inventory Certification

Inventory Certification for Equipment located off-site. 03/23/16
Home Authorization Form University Policy 3950 03/01/23

Inventory Update Form

Update Equipment information (org, location, status, custodian, etc.). 09/16/14
Surplus Property Form

Surplus Property Report Form  

Maintained by the Procurement Department

Fixed Assets Tagging Application

Let Fixed Assets know of equipment to be tagged 06/05/23
Form Name Description Last Updated
America-to-go VTF Fund Form America-to-go VTF Charge Fund Request & Certification 02/01/24
Banner Finance System Access Request Request Access to the Banner Finance System 8/08/22
Controller's Office New Fund Request - Web Form Submission New Local/Revenue Fund
Note: E&G Fund Requests are handled by the Budget Office
Overhead Fund Requests are handled by the Research Division
HokieMart Access Forms Link to HokieMart access forms for On Behalf of Requestor, Approver, Requestor, & Receiver.
HokieMart Access Tutorial
Journal Entry (Transfer) Form (.xlsx) Adjustments such as correction of errors and transfer of expenditures between funds
Journal Entry Transfer Form Tutorial
Travel Approver Request Access request form for travel approvers 12/17/14
Form Name Description Last Updated
Mobile Device Communicaton Request Form Mobile Communication Device Request Form 01/31/2022
NRA VA-4 Non-resident Virginia Income Tax Withholding 03/04/2022
Manual Payment Request Manual Payment Request for salary and wage employees, summer school and stipend 09/16/2022
P10 Interdepartmental Change And/Or Extend Funding Only 05/02/2023
Payroll Direct Deposit Direct Deposit Request for Payroll Form Maintained by Bursar Office
Social Security Verification Letter Provides evidence of on-campus employment for students 05/09/2018
VA-4 Virginia Income Tax Withholding 01/09/2024
W-4 Federal Income Tax Withholding 09/11/2019
Payroll vs AP payments Determine payments through Payroll or Account Payable 09/13/2022
Form Name Description Last Updated
Bank of America (BOA) Travel Card Application

Paper Application for BOA Travel Card. If exception is required, please also complete Special Authorization Form


Declining Balance Debit Card Overview Wells Fargo Declining Balance Debit Card Program Overview 04/02/24
Lodging Tax Calculator For prorating taxes when lodging expenses exceed the allowable amount. 01/17/20
Travel Approver Request Access request form for Travel approvers 12/17/14
University Travel Advance Payroll Deduction Agreement Payroll Deduction Agreement to be attached to the Travel Advance request in Chrome River 04/02/24
VT Travel Estimate and Approval Form Estimate travel expenses and request approval 7/17/09