Effective immediately the Social Security Administration (SSA) has made some changes in assigning Social Security Numbers and replacing Social Security Cards, specifically for F-1 students. One of the changes that will have the most impact on the students and the departments at Virginia Tech is that SSA is requiring F-1 students to provide a letter verifying employment or an offer of employment, in order to apply for a social security number. In order to ensure that all offices are using a letter that meets the specifications required by SSA, a form letter is provided in the following link, for use by authorized department representatives: Employment Verification Letter for F-1 Students

If you have questions regarding these changes please contact the Graduate School for graduate students, the Cranwell Center regarding undergraduate students, or the Payroll Office. You can find a complete summary of the information required by SSA to apply for a SSN by accessing the following: http://graduateschool.vt.edu/igss/employment_ssn