Off cycle manual payments are processed on an exception basis with approval in hardship or emergency situations for employees who did not receive a regular paycheck due to an administrative error. When possible, missed payments should be included as retro pay on the next regular payroll cycle. In general if an employee has received a partial payment, no manual request will be granted, extreme exceptions will be reviewed by the Payroll Director.   

After verifying all information on the form has been reviewed, check boxes marked and the form is completed, please submit request forms to the Payroll Drop Box for review. Requests must be received by close of business, the 2nd business day after the last regular pay date.

Manual payments will be sent via direct deposit to the employee’s account listed as “Other VT Payments”.  The employee should verify their account in HokieSpa.  Payments are processed for transmittal to the employee’s bank on the 5th business day following the last regularly scheduled payday. Actual posting date is dependent upon the financial institution.    If a paper check would need to be issued, you will receive further communication from the Payroll office.