At Virginia Tech, labor redistributions are used to properly match an employee's salary funding with the actual work that was performed. Proper matching of labor expenses and work performed is particularly important for sponsored projects. The Labor Redistribution system was created to automate the process of transferring labor costs between funds.

The Labor Redistribution system is accessed using the link on the Hokie Team page within Hokie SPA (under quick links on the VT homepage). You will log in using your PID and password.

To use the system, you must be designated as an initiator or approver. To request initiator access complete the online Banner access form, submit electronically and mail a signed copy to HR. Be sure to list the six-digit org codes the employee will need to access and check the Payroll labor redistribution option near the bottom of the form.

Questions should be emailed to If immediate assistance is needed, call 540-231-5201.

Labor Redistribution Procedures

Labor Redistribution Approver Quick Guide

Normally, labor distributions are not done on Academic Faculty for pay periods 10 through 15 because these employees are paid from the deferred pay fund during this time period and departmental funds are not charged for salary expenses. Only fringe charges will appear during summer pay periods. Any labor redistributions processed for the summer pay periods will only move fringe expenses.

Summer School (SS) labor redistributions should only be made through October 31 for the preceding summer pay. If redistributions are needed beyond this time period, please consult with Payroll Staff prior to making the labor distribution.

Labor redistribution initiators can only enter labor redistributions for employees that they have access to in the Banner Human Resources system. The employee's home department is used to determine appropriate access.

Labor redistribution initiators can use any funding on the redistribution. It is not restricted to only funds in their organization. The redistribution will be electronically routed to and must be approved by approvers in all organization codes that are being charged before the transaction will interface with Banner Finance.

All labor redistribution transactions entered by the initiator should have a comment entered that explains why the transfer is necessary. The redistribution must be supported by a comment that fully explains how the error occurred. An explanation merely stating that the transfer was made "to correct error" or "to transfer to correct project" is not sufficient.

Wage (WA) and fellowship (ST) retroactive labor redistributions can be made in this system. Do not use the journal entry form for those transactions.

An additional approver can be added to the approval routing by an initiator or another approver. The additional approver will not take the place of an existing approver. It will only be in addition to existing approvers. Go to the "routing queue" tab for a transaction that is awaiting approvals and click on the "add member" button in the bottom right. Enter the desired approver in the request box along with a sequence number of "1" and save. The routing queue will show the added approver as an "On the fly Member".

An initiator can email an approver to notify the approver that a transaction has been entered and is awaiting to be approved. This can be done by the initiator going to the "Routing Queue" tab and clicking on the "E-mail" item beside the approver's name. This will open an email with the approver's email address and the subject of "Labor Redistribution". Complete the body of the email and send.

Initiators can complete a labor redistribution that was started and saved by another initiator in the same home organization.

If a department is changing a student wage employee to a federal work study employee or vice versa, the transaction must be submitted to the Office of University Scholarships & Financial Aid (USFA) via Debbie Greer at mail code 0222 on the paper P-10 form with supporting documentation. USFA will approve and forward to Payroll for entry into the system. The department and USFA will have to approve the transaction in the online labor redistribution system after Payroll enters it. If the department is only changing the funding on a federal college work study employee (department's share) this can be done by the department using the online labor redistribution system.

Paper P-10s will still be required by Human Resources for current/future funding changes with split funding between departments, where one person does not have access to make changes to all funds being affected.

Redistributions will typically be processed on even sequences (Seq 0 - Original Pay Event, Seq 1 - VOID, Seq 2 - Updated distribution). If you run across a transaction where the redistribution process will begin with an odd sequence, this is because an adjustment has been processed by Payroll. When processing a redistribution for an odd sequence (1,3...) when you SAVE, the redistribution will not appear under updated distributions. Do not process again; this will result in duplicate transactions. Please contact payroll to complete the transaction.

Wage employees that have held positions in other departments might be reflected in the home Org of a previous position. If the initiator does not have access to this Org the query process will not return this employee. Contact the Human Resources Service Center at or 231-9331 to get the employee's record corrected.

Often departments need to change funding on a position for past, current, or future pay periods. There are 3 different methods of changing funding based on situation.

A PAF (Personnel Action Form) should be used to change funding in Banner for current and future pay periods if all the funds in question are in the same department. An HR representative within a department can do a PAF. Documentation should be kept on record by the department for audit purposes.

A form P10 is appropriate for current or future funding changes between different departments for all employee types (Faculty, Staff, Wage, GRA, etc.) Work Study changes should be requested via the Financial Aid office. Starting in November 2020, all completed P10 forms for changes between departments should be sent to Payroll via the Payroll dropbox Payroll will review each request and forward current and future dated changes to the appropriate contacts in HR. Payroll will process all applicable prior pay period changes. P10 requests that can be completed via PAF will be returned to the requestor.

Labor redistributions should be used for all funding change requests for prior pay periods for updates within a department. Each labor redistribution transaction is routed through a series of approvals.  For non-grant related funds, the transaction is routed through the department approval and central payroll approval only.  For grant related funds, the transaction is routed through department and central payroll approvals and through Principal Investigator (PI), OSP Project Administrator (PA), and if over 90 days through Cost Accounting. All labor redistribution transactions entered by the initiator should have a comment entered that explains why the transfer is necessary.

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To access the P10 form, click here.