International Tax

Description Last Updated
International Tax Module 1: Tax Return Filing
Module 1 pdf: Do I Need a Tax Return?
International Tax Module 2: Tax Status & Exemption
International Tax Module 3: Three Kinds of U.S. Taxes & U.S. Tax Treaty
Module 3 pdf: 2020 Tax Treaty Countries Module 3 pdf: Visa Types & FICA taxes
International Tax Module 4: Tax Statements
International Tax Module 5: Accessing Forms through HokieSpa
International Tax Module 6: Federal Tax Return
Module 6 pdf: Common 2020 Federal Tax Return Forms
International Tax Module 7: Virginia State Tax Return
Module 7 pdf: Common 2020 Virginia State Tax Return Forms
International Tax Module 8: Reminders
International Tax Module 8 pdf: Reminders
International Tax Summary Guide pdf
International Tax Resources pdf
FAQ’s pdf 2/19/2021
2019 Foreign National Tax Seminar
Provides information about Foreign National Tax and how to get a tax return. NOTE: There was a problem with the recording and we are investigating what happened

Other Training

Description Last Updated
Banner Labor Redistribution System 
Provides an overview of the Banner Labor Redistribution system including the Initiator and Approver roles. (Online Training)
Employing Foreign Nationals at Virginia Tech 
This class will provide a brief background of immigration regulations as a prelude to covering the types of international visas and who is eligible to be hired. (Instructor Led Training)
Foreign National Non-Employee Payments 
The class will provide an introduction into visa eligibility for guest speakers, criteria for making honoraria payments, travel reimbursement, prizes/awards, tangible goods and intangible (royalty) goods. (Instructor Led Training)
Online I-9 System 
Outlines using the Online I-9 system to electronically complete the form I-9 to ensure employment eligibility. This system is only available to those with established access. (Online Training)
Maintained by Human Resources
Payroll Tax Forms Tutorial 
Provides an overview to assist US tax residents with understanding how to correctly complete the W-4 (Employee's Withholding Allowance Certificate for Federal Taxes) and the VA-4 (Employees Virginia Income Tax Withholding Exemption Certificate) (Online Training)
Understanding Taxes in the US
Provides information for foreign nationals new to receiving income in the US and the taxes that are withheld. Reviews both Federal and Virginia State taxes and tax residency and provides information about Tax Statements, Federal and Virginia State tax returns and tax return filing deadlines. Reviews taxable scholarship, fellowship and travel grants.