Appointments to review documents for treaty eligibility for 2024. 

Please review the available slots below and click on the button to sign up. Thank you! One appointment per day/time. Thank you!   You will be contacted with a confirmation of your appointment.

If you happen to request a same day or next day appointment, due to time constraints it may not be honored and you will be contacted to re-schedule. 

Location: VT Payroll

To help ensure international students, faculty, and staff remain in compliance with Federal regulations, any international visitor employed by Virginia Tech is required to provide Payroll certain non-immigrant documentation depending on Visa type. Payroll uses the Foreign National Information System (FNIS) and the Foreign National Drop Box to securely collect this data. Payroll runs daily reports to identify employees with outstanding document needs and sends out initial emails via the FNIS system. 

The link for the Drop Box will be emailed to each foreign national new hire and each employee should complete each step with as much detail as possible. The newest version of the Drop Box is separated by Visa classification. Each newly hired employee should complete this information within 5 business days of the work start date. This new version of the FNIS drop box is now available at:

There is training documentation available on the Controller’s website under training/opportunities/Payroll