In order to more effectively process certain payroll transactions, Payroll is implementing a new drop box. Each entry will require the requestor’s name, the name of the employee relevant to the identified payroll transaction, the employee’s VT ID and email address. If the requestor is filling this information out for themselves, requestor name and employee name will be the same. The requestor’s email address will automatically be recorded upon entry. Example - if a department admin is loading a P10 for Hokie Bird, the department admin will put their name in the requestor box and Hokie Bird in the employee’s name box and Hokie Bird’s VT ID and email in the subsequent boxes. The department admin’s email address will automatically be captured.

The following frequently requested processes should be submitted to the Payroll Drop box:

  1. Non-Virginia State tax forms (loaded form)
  2. Social security number confirmations and newly issued cards (loaded form)
  3. Labor redistributions/P10s (loaded form)
  4. Emergency fund payments for Student Affairs (loaded form)
  5. Timeclock access requests
  6. Retroactive pay actions
  7. Manual payment requests (loaded form)
  8. Bookstore deduction requests (loaded form)
  9. Approved P14A (payments of $5,000 or more) (loaded form)

To ensure the protection of your information, please upload the requested form(s) and supporting documents to the secured drop box folder. Do not email your forms or documents. Do not password protect the forms. After you have uploaded the documents, you will receive a confirmation email from drop box. If items are missing or incomplete, Payroll will send an email to the requestor’s email account. Please Note: We will process your payroll requests within 5 business days of receipt of all supporting documents.

Payroll Drop Box Form