The Banner Travel & Expense Management System (TEM) allows travelers to process travel authorizations and travel reimbursements for university business travel. The system electronically routes all documents for approval and has the ability to encumber departmental funds. This web based system also houses electronic images that support the reimbursement requests. This reference manual provides step-by-step guidance on processing documents in the TEM system.

To access TEM, log into Hokie SPA (under quick links on VT homepage) using your PID and password. Go to Hokie Team and find the Travel & Expense System menu item. Click on the TEM Application item under Hokie Team. 

All employees are automatically given access to the system to initiate a travel authorization (TA) and a travel reimbursement (TR). All employees are also given access to establish a delegate who may enter a TA or TR on their behalf (such as a departmental fiscal assistant). The employee or student must make the delegate assignment in the system. For non-employees, the delegate assignment can be made by the Controller's Office. Send the request by email to indicating the VT ID number of the person requesting a delegate along with the VT ID number of the delegate.  The process of assigning a delegate can be viewed in the reference manual.

These tutorials are self-paced and includes detailed examples showing how to prepare travel authorizations and travel reimbursements using TEM. The user will be prompted to login to CAS to access the link.

Note: the tutorial is a Flash file – if prompted to select a program to run it, simply choose a preferred browser.

Banner Travel and Expense Management Tutorials:

Part I: Traveler Basics 
Provides an overview of the Banner TEM application for travelers and delegates, including preparation of travel authorizations and travel reimbursements.

Part II: Approver Guide 
Provides a quick guide for authorized approvers to review and approve travel requests processed in the TEM system.

Part III: Moving and Relocation Guide 
Provides a quick guide for processing moving and relocation requests in the TEM system.

Part IV: VTF Split Funding Guide 
Provides a quick guide for VTF Split Funding in the TEM system.