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About TimeClock Plus
  • Purpose of the system
  • User roles and actions taken by each
  • How to gain access to TCP
All users
Department Timekeeping Process
  • The overall time-keeping/payroll process
  • About job codes
  • Adding employees
  • The Banner interface process
  • Ensuring that hours are paid
Dept admins & leads
Edit Employee Info
  • How to modify employee settings, including the active and clockable status and the pay rate
  • Assigning supervisor access.
Dept admins & leads
Manage Hours-Approve Shifts
  • How to approve hours using the Approval Manager and Edit hours
Dept supervisors
Manage Hours-Add Shifts
  • How to manually add a shift for an employee
Dept supervisors
Manage Hours-Edit or Delete Shifts
  • How to manually edit incorrect hours or delete inappropriate shifts
Dept supervisors
Manage Hours-Missed Punches
  • How to identify and correct missed punches
  • Approving missed punches
Dept supervisors
Manage Hours-Quick Add
  • How to manually add hours for a group of employees at once
Dept supervisors
Manage Hours-Split Shifts
  • How to split a shift into multiple segments when the employee did not clock out for break
Dept supervisors
Run Reports
  • How to print and save settings for selected TCP reports
Dept admins & leads
Send Messages
  • How to create & send a message for employee to see when clocking in
Dept admins & leads
View Who's Here
  • How to see who’s clocked in
  • How to move an employee to break
  • How to clock an employee out.
Dept supervisors