You may enter or update your tax withholding status online at any time if you are a resident for tax purposes. Please go under Hokie Team within Hokie Spa and select tax forms. Once your tax withholding has been updated it will apply to the next available pay day.

If you are not a resident for tax purpose please complete the NRA VA-4 located on the Payroll Forms website.

Residents of West Virginia, Maryland or the District of Columbia should contact the Payroll office for the correct forms.

Frequently Asked Questions

The ability to complete tax forms on line is contingent on an employee having a job record set up in our system. If you are a new hire and your department is in the process of setting up your job, this may take a few days.

If a valid tax form or system update is not received prior to payroll processing, Payroll is required by the IRS to withhold at the highest withholding rate (Single, 0 allowances). Payroll will not refund any additional taxes withheld. If eligible, an employee can obtain a refund of any over withheld income taxes when filing a personal income tax return for that year.

Please contact the Payroll department if you have questions regarding your tax residency.

Employees can claim exempt from income tax withholding, if they meet IRS guidelines or the State of Virginia guidelines. Information on claiming exemption from withholding can be found on the requisite tax forms. By claiming exempt status, no federal and/or state taxes will be withheld. Those employees who claim exempt should not put any amount in the allowances or additional withholdings boxes of the tax forms.

The exempt status expires at the end of the every calendar year. Each calendar year, employees must complete new tax forms to claim exempt status for both the Federal and State. VT gives a grace period until the end of January of the following year to renew tax exemption.

If an employee’s exempt status is not renewed annually, VT will begin withholding income taxes during the next pay period at the last known rate if available, or at the default maximum withholding amount, single & zero allowances. No refunds will be given by Payroll if updated exemption forms are not completed on time.