1. For the hours to export successfully from TCP: 1) the employee cannot have any missed punches that were not fixed and approved; 2) the employee's hours must all be approved by management; and 3) the employee cannot have any conflicting shifts.
  2. To verify the hours in TCP are ready to export, you should always run the Missed Punches screen, Approval Manager screen; and Conflicting Segments report. Any shifts that display on these reports are not ready to export.
  3. For the hours to import successfully into Banner: 1) the employee cannot have any hours before the position's start date; 2) the Banner timecard cannot have any hours already entered on it; and 3) the employee cannot have a negative financial aid or work study balance if applicable. These three issues will prevent all of the employee's hours for that job from importing. If there are hours beyond the position's end date, only those will be rejected.
  1. The Timecard Error Summary is distributed to department contacts when an employee's hours are rejected by Banner
  2. Refer to #3 in the question above (hours not interfacing) for reasons the hours were rejected by Banner.
  3. If you are uncertain how to resolve these issues, send an email to timeclock@vt.edu
  1. There is no automatic interface of hours from TCP to Banner. Payroll runs a specific process to transfer the hours. The dates are times for the interface are listed on the Payroll page under Payroll Schedules.
  2. Normally, there are two interfaces done each pay period. If hours do not successfully export from TCP on the first day, they can export on the second day if the problem is corrected prior to the second interface.
  3. Hours that exported from TCP but were rejected by Banner on the first day must be manually entered in PHAHOUR.
  4. If the rejected hours are not manually entered in PHAHOUR for the current pay period, they will need to be entered as retro on the next pay period. Tip: When entering retro hours, be sure to wait until after the current period's hours have loaded or none of the hours will interface!
  1. The hours that were added after the first export will export from TCP on the second day.
  2. However, when hours have already been loaded to PHAHOUR, any additional hours will be rejected by Banner.
  3. These hours will need to be manually added to PHAHOUR
  1. Correct the hours in TCP and approve the changes .
  2. Send an email to timeclock@vt.edu with the employee ID, the pay period the employee was overpaid, and the amount of hours overpaid.
  3. The payroll office will collect the overpayment and send an email advising how the correction will be handled.