1. When the PAF is submitted in Banner, the employee and job are uploaded to TCP on the following hour
  2. If the Dept Admin/Lead is unable to see the employee, this question will need to be sent to timeclock@vt.edu
  3. You should provide the employee's ID number, last name, and job code
  1. If the supervisor cannot see the employee in the Employee->Edit hours screen, you have not granted employee access
  2. Open Employee->Edit and double-click on the employee's name
  3. Click on the Access tab
  4. Scroll to the user's name. Optionally, you can click on the Department header to sort users by department
  5. Check the Access box and click Save
  1. You will need to email a request to timeclock@vt.edu to add a new user
  2. Please provide the user's PID, full name, department name, TCP role, and job codes needed
  3. Once the user is added, you can assign the employee access
  1. The supervisor should open Employee->Edit hours and double-click on the employee's name
  2. Are the hours already approved? (There will be a check under the M column)
  3. If not, can the supervisor approve the hours there?
  4. If not, you need to send an email to timeclock@vt.edu requesting us to grant the supervisor access to the applicable (specify the job code)
  1. This occurs when the employee's job code is made inactive before removing access from supervisors
  2. You will need to email timeclock@vt.edu for us to make the job code active again, then follow these steps to properly remove a terminated employee
  3. To properly remove a terminated employee, first submit a PAF for the termination
  4. This will make the job code unclockable. It needs to remain active for the department to approve hours and reconcile payroll
  5. Once the employee has been fully paid, remove supervisor access in Employee->Edit by unchecking the box on the Access tab
  6. On the Jobs tab, double-click on the applicable job code
  7. Uncheck the Setting that says "Code is active" and click Ok
  8. Click the Save button
  1. Only the payroll office can suspend terminated employees. This process is run routinely for licensing purposes to exclude employees who have not worked for over 90 days from the system.
  2. Refer to the question above (supervisor is still seeing a terminated employee) for the proper steps to take when an employee's job ends.