First, it is important to understand that the pay rate in TCP does not affect the employee's actual pay. It is only displayed for informational purposes. The employee's pay check is calculated based on the rate in Banner. When the pay rate is changed in Banner, TCP is automatically updated, and the rate is displayed on all hours going forward. This may not be the actual effective date.

To manually change the pay rate in TCP to be effective retroactively:

  • Open the Employee->Edit screen and double-click on the employee's name
  • Click on the Jobs tab
  • Click the Raise button at the bottom
  • Check the Include box for the applicable job code
  • Enter the pay rate in the New rate box and the Date effective
  • Enter a Comment if desired
  • Check the box that "This rate change is retroactive and begins on the date entered"
  • Click the Ok button
  • Click the Save button